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Creating Stable Family Relationships

Funeral Flowers: Your Guide To The Symbolic Meaning Of The Most Popular Funeral Flowers

by Rosie Stevens

Customarily, people send flowers to the funeral home after someone's passing to express their sorrow, condolences, and sympathy. Not only do flowers create a beautiful, serene display that calms and comforts those who are grieving, they also have a deeper purpose. Flowers are symbolic. As such, they can be used to pay tribute to the person who has passed, celebrate their personality or convey a message. For this reason, the type of flowers you choose to send matters very much. Following is a summary of the most popular funeral flowers and their symbolic meanings. 

White Lilies

By far one of the most popular funeral flowers, white lilies symbolize innocence and purity. In the context of someone's passing, the flower is thought to represent that the person's soul has returned to an innocent, peaceful state. White stargazer lilies express sympathy. 

Colored Roses

Roses are extremely popular at funerals. If you want to give roses, you have to consider the color and number of flowers because both have great significance and symbolism. As always, red roses symbolize love, but they can also convey courage and respect. Crimson roses symbolize deep grief and sorrow. White roses symbolize innocence, humility, and youthfulness. Yellow roses denote friendship. While most roses are given in bunches, a single rose can have profound meaning. One rose, given alone or included in a bouquet, represents everlasting love for the departed. 

Pink and White Orchids

Orchids, especially the dendrobium and phalaenopsis varieties, symbolize everlasting love and remembrance. Since pink and white are the traditional colors of sympathy, orchids of these colors are commonly included in many funeral floral arrangements. 

White Chrysanthemums

Thought to stand for truth, white chrysanthemums are often included in funeral floral arrangements. The flower also represents death and grief in other parts of the world. Therefore, this flower has a consistent, universal message that ties it to funerals in an eloquent and beautiful way. 

Colored Tulips

Tulips are another popular flower used in funeral floral arrangements. The color of the flower chosen has profound meaning. For example, yellow tulips symbolize renewal, and this flower is believed to give hope and encouragement to the grieving family. White tulips represent forgiveness, and red tulips represent perfect love. 

As you can see, there is a lot of meaning behind the flowers you choose to send to a funeral. If you want to send a message, show your respect or express your love, you can do so simply by choosing the appropriate floral symbol or symbols for your arrangement.  Contact a local funeral home, such as Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc, for further assistance.