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Nothing is more frustrating than hosting a family get-together, only to stare at uncomfortable family members who don't get along. Family members don't always get along, which is why it is important to focus on creating stable relationships with the people you love. I have struggled with my own family, which is one of the reasons I decided to make this blog. Read here to find out how you might be able to patch up family problems, so that you aren't left wondering how to treat estranged sisters, brothers, aunts, or uncles. You never know, this blog could make your next family reunion a lot more enjoyable.

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Creating Stable Family Relationships

Want To Be An Eco-Friendly Bride? 4 Tips To Have An Earth Friendly Wedding

by Rosie Stevens

If you are someone that is concerned with the environment and getting married soon, you can have an earth friendly wedding. Even though you are going green, your wedding will be just as beautiful for you. Below are some tips on some things you should consider doing.

Earth Friendly Rings

You should be able to find jewelers in your area that are eco-friendly. These jewelers choose to not use "dirty gold," which is gold that comes from mining.  This is because gold mining is destructive. Most of the gold today comes from open pit mines, where large volumes of earth are removed, and then the earth is scoured for trace elements of gold. This results in erosion of rivers and streams, and can even damage the marine ecosystems. Toxic chemicals are also used during gold mining.

Local Vendors

Buy your wedding dress and other things for your wedding through local vendors. This puts more money into your town or city, and benefits the vendors. It also keeps transportation emissions lower, which can have a big environmental impact by creating air pollution, and puts emissions into the air, such as carbon dioxide.

Earth Friendly Dresses

Wear a wedding dress that has been passed down through your family, if possible. If not, try to purchase a used wedding dress. There are also charities that buy and sell wedding dresses, and give the proceeds to a certain charity. You may be surprised at the used wedding dresses you can find, as they are typically only worn for one day. You can do the same with your bridesmaid dresses, if you can find them all in the right sizes.

If you want a new dress, contact some bridal shops in your area who may only use eco-friendly materials to make their wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Some organic materials include organic hemp and cotton. Hemp can be made into things like faux silk, canvass, and silk.


If you do not want to use cut flowers that will be discarded, use flowers that you and your guests can take home and replant into a flower garden or container. For example, you could use beautiful orchids as centerpieces for the tables. Group a few together on each table.

African violets in beautiful flower pots look nice, as they are small. People could easily pick one up as they walk out the door. Another small plant that is beautiful is the primrose. You can find these flowers in a variety of colors, so you should be able to match them up with your color scheme.

For more information, contact Bridal Elegance or a similar location.