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Nothing is more frustrating than hosting a family get-together, only to stare at uncomfortable family members who don't get along. Family members don't always get along, which is why it is important to focus on creating stable relationships with the people you love. I have struggled with my own family, which is one of the reasons I decided to make this blog. Read here to find out how you might be able to patch up family problems, so that you aren't left wondering how to treat estranged sisters, brothers, aunts, or uncles. You never know, this blog could make your next family reunion a lot more enjoyable.

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Creating Stable Family Relationships

2 Things A Birth Mother Should Consider To Prepare For An Adoption

by Rosie Stevens

Going through the adoption process can be a beautiful and rewarding process. However, it can also be very emotional for everyone involved. There are so many different emotions that accompany an adoption, which is why it is so important that if you are choosing to place a child for adoption that you prepare yourself emotionally for some of the challenges that you might experience. Here are some things to consider.

1. Know That You Are Not Abandoning Your Child, You are Giving Them More

Adoption is such a selfless act. As the birth mother of this child, you understand what love really is. You have given this child life physically and now you are giving them opportunities that they may not be able to have with you. When you place a child for adoption you can choose a family that has everything that you would want for your child. The child can have a family that is stable financially, is a two-parent home (if desired), and parents who are prepared and longing to be a parent. This doesn't mean that you will never have the chance to raise a child if you chose to place a child for adoption; it simply means that at this point in your life you are not able to give that child what they need and deserve.

This is why adoption is so selfless; it focuses on giving the child their best chance and life possible.

2. Consider An Open Adoption

Many people have found that an open adoption is the best way to handle the complicated and difficult emotions for every party. With an open adoption you can still have a relationship with the child, but in a healthy and more appropriate capacity for this point in your life. You might ask to be present at birthday parties, see pictures of the child as they grow up, and be a friend to the child. You may have a relationship much like an aunt, or close family friend.

This can be helpful for the child too. They don't have to wonder who their birth mother is, and why you placed them for adoption. Since you will be an integral part of their life, they will understand your reasons, your love for them, and that you didn't abandon them, but instead gave them a better life.

If you are considering adoption, talk to a professional consultant like A Chosen Child about your options and getting the medical, legal, and emotional help you need.